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The Evans Network of Companies – Federal Inspection Policy Guidelines

• Every vehicle is required to have a full Federal inspection every six months. Vehicles that have not had an inspection within ten days of the six-month due date will be suspended from operation, with the driver’s fuel card on hold until the inspection is received.

• We request that inspections be done at one of our approved locations. A valid receipt is required for all inspections that are not done by an Evans’ approved vendor (list is included with routine inspection notifications). Receipts must include pre-printed garage information (vendor name/address/phone number) to be considered valid. Handwritten receipts will not be accepted. Inspections submitted without a receipt (and not done by an approved vendor) will not be processed.

• Inspections should be completed on the Evans’ Federal inspection form, or on a form that meets the same guidelines as the Evans’ form (one that includes brake and tire measurements). All information on the top of the form must be clearly filled out, including the vendor’s name and contact information (address/phone number). We will not accept inspections that do not include the correct vehicle VIN or plate number on the form.

The above map is a guideline for our customers for planning container arrival.  The PA.NY.NJ Ports Authority allows drivers to enter between 6 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  It generally takes 2 hours for a driver to drop a container and pickup another one so they cannot reasonable be expected to get out of the port before 8 am and are not allowed to go in after 4:30 pm. US Department of Transportation rules allow us to drive no more than 11 hours in a 24 hour period and a driver must go off duty 14 hours after his/her first on duty time for the day.
Drivers are required to take a 30 minute break within the first 8 hours on duty.
Unloading, loading, fueling, pre-trip inspections, traffic, post-trip inspections and time spent dealing with tires and mechanical issues count toward on-duty
• In cases where states administer the inspection program, the state inspection form will be accepted as long as a valid sticker number is included on the form, or a copy of the sticker is submitted along with the form. For trucks required to have a state inspection, drivers should alternate between getting a state and a Federal inspection every six months.

• In order for an inspection to be eligible for payment/reimbursement by Evans, it must be timely submitted (within ten days of the six-month due date) and completed on the Evans’ form (or one that’s compatible) by one of our approved vendors.

• For inspections performed in accordance with the Evans’ policy, we will pay for every other inspection, up to a maximum amount of $85.00 for the basic inspection cost. Vehicle owners are responsible for paying the cost for their initial inspection upon onboarding.

• Failed Inspection Procedure

o Units are suspended from operation following a failed inspection, and the driver’s fuel card is placed on hold.

o The truck is not eligible for dispatch again until all repairs are completed, and a new passing inspection is received. Drivers who are stopped or otherwise caught under dispatch while suspended from operation may be subject to termination.

o After a failed inspection, the new inspection must be done by either the same vendor that failed it, or by one of the vendors on the Evan’s approved list.

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